Saturday, 14 January 2012


I just wanna say sorry that I havent been posting so often... Im not Well in RL got so sick 
and having a few problems everybody have Issues 
I thought would be better saying whats going on just in case 
some Stores stop supporting me
But anyway Im not leaving my blog 
Thanks for those who understand that We have a RL behind the avi 
Ty for the ones
who didnt leave me
(This is not a DRAMA just an explanation lol) 

Jacket- imc :: Vintage Goldline Jack - Red New Release
Pants- -BC- High Waist Jeans "Black"
Hair- *Dura-Girl*32 New Release
Glasses- "TP!B" Fever Glasses New Release
Watch- "TP!B" Obs Watch New Release
Earrings- "TP!B" Sym Earrings
Necklace- "TP!B" Sym Necklace
Nails- "TP!B" Sym Nails
Shoes- GoK- Flower Bomb Heels Orange New Release

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