Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Breast Cancer

This beautiful text and picture was made by my friend Antonia Millar...
 Hello, is certainly not a hint of clothing, or free or any thing about fashion! 
But a tip that can change your life RL, or your girlfriend, mother .. 
Finally, this week I saw several pictures of this campaign, 
and I support and thats why I decided to take part of this picture, and disclose my form
that is here on my blog! It is a nonsense, is a serious thing .. 
is a campaign that could save a life!  
Congratulations to Jimray Back and his team, because they are many people who are supporting!
This campaign is the idea of ​​bringing Awareness raising, information of .. 
in short everything that can help others! :)

If you would like to get T-shirts contact Jimray Back!



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