Friday, 9 December 2011

Good Feeling!

Yeah Im feeling good today and hopefully nothing will change this feeling!
Found out today that someone is using my pics on their profile
I hate fakers i think they should get a life and have some more imagination to create they own things!!!
Well f*ck them and lets talk about what really matters here, my look from today is what matters now lol
So have a look below and hope you guys like it!!


Bodysuit- IMBUE. Black Unitard
Hair- .: vive9 :. Strong Winds Pony in Black Tones
Necklace- female[MANDALA]HARAMITA Necklace/Ryujin Black
Earrings- [MANDALA]Haramita  earring/black
Bracelet and Nails- [MANDALA]KABUKI Bracelet/Hand ring/Nails/SILVER
Shoes- P10 Persephone Boots Patent White

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